Saturday, January 30, 2010

Do Bookkeeping for a Work at Home Business

work at home business bookkeeping income taxes

Work at home businesses are more common now than ever, with many people needing extra income. With filing income taxes just ahead, many with a work-at-home business are finding that they have not kept records for their tax returns.

Bookkeeping for a work at home business is not difficult, and does not even take much organization, but being able to find the necessary information at tax time can save many hours of frustration.

Keeping records is not only required by the IRS, but it is profitable for YOU since it provides the information for deductions on a tax return. Those who are sole proprietors file a Schedule C with the 1040, and you are entitled to deduct expenses from profits. Save the receipts and deduct the expense to pay less income taxes.

We have information on how to do bookkeeping for a work at home business to help get started with record keeping. A related topic is about setting up files for income taxes.

These simple procedures can save hours of time, and maybe significant money if you have a work at home business. This will place all the deductions in a file, and help determine figures for income taxes and maybe state sales taxes, if you sell items.

Do the basic bookkeeping for a work at home business and set up files for income taxes and save yourself hours of searching for receipts and information. Save money on income taxes, too.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Prepare for an Electricity Outage

electrical outage prepare for disaster smart consumer safety
Spring storms and sometimes winter ones bring electrical outages to Texas, and surely to other parts of the country, too. We never feel quite prepared even though we have discussed the best and safest approach to this inevitable issue of loss of electricity. Recently we decided to write out some help for others and get some of our thoughts on paper.

We live in an all-electric neighborhood like many of the Seventies homes, and when we moved here, we had some difficulty locating a gas line or other sources of energy. With the help of the city and a plumber, we found where the existing gas main was, and had gas run to the house. Every time we have an electricity outage, our neighbors have no heat or hot water, but thanks to natural gas and gas logs in the fireplace, we are reasonably comfortable. It was expensive initially, but thinking ahead has given us some comfort and peace of mind, and it is very economical to have gas for hot water and for an alternative for heating the house.

We have written an article on how to prepare for an electricity outage that may give you some ideas for your area of the country. With the recent earthquakes, it makes sense to prepare for all kinds of natural disasters that create a breakdown of the infrastructure. With a little thought and action, you may not have to leave home if there is an electricity outage in your neighborhood. Be a smart consumer, and think ahead and prepare for the possibility.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Avoid Cadmium Poisoning and Lead Poisoning

cadmium poisoning lead poisoning children safety Cadmium poisoning creates a greater danger and more serious result to children than lead poisoning, and items with a quantity of lead have been restricted for import to the USA. Cadmium is an element that has not often been tested in imports, but recent testing has shown high concentration of cadmium in girls costume jewelry.

Some stores have pulled items that were tested and shown to have high levels of cadmium, but of course many items were already purchased and are in jewelry boxes, flea markets and other secondary market sources. There may also be items on the store shelves, since there has not been a mandatory recall. Be aware of the dangers and make an attempt to keep this cadmium jewelry away from small children--especially those who might put items in their mouth. Child safety is the concern here. We have written an article on how to avoid cadmium poisoning that explains the risk and effects of cadmium poisoning. This is a heavy element that builds in the human body over a lifetime.

Lead poisoning is much more prevalent in the United States, and lead-based paint has been one of the major sources of lead poisoning in children. This article on lead poisoning details some of the danger you may not have realized, since these products get into the soil, too.

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Help keep kids safe with consumer knowledge, and be careful of buying imports.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Alzheimers Patients Need a Safe Environment

Alzheimers patient safety caregiver tips Safety for an Alzheimer's patient becomes more important as the disease progresses, and if you are a caregiver, patient protection is most important to you and your loved one.

Make home safe for a dementia patient by providing familiar surroundings and protection from harm. Harm to an Alzheimer's patient may be created by themselves or the environment, so careful attention to surroundings and safety are key elements.

We have written an article on specific actions the caregiver can take to help keep the Alzheimer's patient safe, most of which are life-style revisions at home. Awareness of a potential problem and the increasing need for safety for the Alzheimer's patient makes this article important for caregivers. We hope there is something to be learned that will help keep your loved one safer and make your life simpler as you help the Alzheimer's patient be comfortable with his surroundings.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Buy Healthy Food on a Budget: Grocery Shop on the Cheap

The new year is an opportunity for us all to do better with eating, dieting, and budgeting. healthy food budget grocery shop cheapWe can even combine those efforts by buying healthy foods and grocery shopping on the cheap. Save money, eat better, and lose weight.

If you are interested in feeding your family well at less expense, now is a good time to read some ideas and make some changes in how you buy food or grocery shop. You may not be getting the most for your money or the best nutrition for your family. You can buy healthy food on a budget and grocery shop on the cheap. Make a difference in your intake and your outgo--that is food in and money out.

Do not use all your income to fill your alimentary canal. Learn how to buy healthy food on a budget in an article we have available here. We have another article about how to grocery shop on the cheap that may be of interest, too. Combine these techniques and save money and lose weight for the new year.

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Here's to a great new year for 2010.

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