Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Senior Citizens Can Get Free Education

Senior citizens are often interested in learning, either to keep their minds sharp or for additional income. It is often not advertised, but many colleges and universities offer free education for senior citizens.  If you have a college or university in your area, contact the Registrar's Office and ask if there is a senior learning center, or if seniors may attend classes tuition-free. You can check on the internet, too, since several university websites show offers for free tuition for seniors.

Even if you do not qualify for tuition-free education, you may be able to stimulate your brain and learn through adult education courses.  These classes offer fun learning in subjects that are computer-related or even exercise.  Some adult education programs offer dance courses or even antiques and collectibles courses.  Some of these courses are very inexpensive, and are available through your community services.

We have an article about getting free education as a senior citizen that has other information for finding frugal or free avenues for learning.

There is more free learning available than the senior citizen has time.  Use it and keep your mind sharp.  Brain stimulation seems to prevent Alzheimer's, too. Stay healthy and happy with learning something new.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Buying Used Furniture for an Apartment or Office

If you are in the market for used furniture, or even if you think you are in the market for new furniture, you may want to look at used furniture as a suitable option.  Sometimes used furniture is better, and it will likely be less expensive.

Good older furniture is usually well-made, and has held up for years, so it should hold up well for your use, too.  Used furniture works great for an apartment or office, especially, because these uses are sometimes more temporary than home furniture, and the appearance can still be appealing.  Purchasing new furniture for an office is an expensive proposition, and we have never recommended it.  Office furniture gets abused, and new furniture will soon look like old furniture anyway.  The same is true for an apartment.

Used furniture for an apartment or office is a good buy, because much of the furniture available today is not wood.  You can probably find solid wood furniture at a thrift store or used furniture store, and it will last for years.  Here are some tips for buying used furniture for an apartment or office that may help.  As a savvy consumer, you want to make wise decisions in using your money. Read the article and shop for used furniture instead of new. You might even find some collectible furniture that will increase in value. The picture shows a Danish Modern table we purchased, used, and sold at a profit.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

File Income Taxes for Free, and Set Up Files for Next Year

We've been neglecting you, my friends.  We completed our Federal income taxes and got them filed electronically.  This year it is cheaper and easier than ever to file income taxes online.  Actually, it is FREE if you want it to be. The Federal Government has free filing for income less than $56,000.  Even Tax Act and Turbo Tax are getting into the game, and under a certain income can use their software and file for free.

We have written an article on filing Federal income taxes for free that you may find helpful.  We also have an article on setting up files for income taxes the quick and easy way.

All our articles and consumer help is free learning fun.  We hope you make income tax filing easy and save money by filing taxes yourself, and by filing online if possible.  If you provide all the figures, why let someone else put them in the blanks and charge you money?  You can do this.

We have a money-saving tips blog that you might like to follow, too.   It has lots of free information for frugal living fun.

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Fighting abuse in debt collection.(Consumer Rights): An article from: Trial

Friday, March 5, 2010

Get an Appliance Rebate with Stimulus Bill Energy Funds

Stimulus Bill Energy Funds are available for an Appliance Rebate

Appliance rebates from the Stimulus Bill Energy Funds are available in some States already, and some are going to start next month--depending on the state you live in. We have been getting information on the Texas appliances rebate recently, and it will start in April.

They have a period of time when they will accept reservations, and other States may be doing the same. We have written an article on getting an appliance rebate.

This appliance rebate is available for ENERGY STAR appliances only, and is available for specific appliances according to the State rules.  Most states are providing rebates for refrigerators, water heaters, washers, freezers, central air conditioners, and sometimes window units. Air source heat pumps are included in some states.

If you need an appliance this spring, now is the time to check your State for an appliance rebate and save yourself some money!

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State proposes $1.2m appliance rebate program: the plan will offer rebates for the purchase and installation of solar-thermal hot water systems and for ... article from: New Hampshire Business Review