Friday, May 28, 2010

Tanning Beds are in the News Again. Melanoma Connection!

Tanning beds have been previously linked to skin cancer potential, but the new findings link tanning beds to melanoma, the most deadly of skin cancers. If you like to get a tan or have teens who insist on the tanning bed, give them the warnings!  The new figures show three times the risk of melanoma with the use of tanning beds, and the regular use increases the risk.

Teens are dying to be beautiful--literally.  It isn't worth it. We have an article about safer use of tanning beds, and although there is no really safe way to use them, there are some precautions that may save a life. The FDA is considering the new report, according to a Reuters review.  Hopefully, the FDA will soon have more warnings and precautions in place for those who insist that lying on a tanning bed isn't the same as rolling over and playing dead.

I think I'll try to live for another day, white skin and out of style. Wish we could get the teenagers to see the advantage.


The mimosa tree is in bloom, signaling summer and hot sun in Texas.  Wear sunscreen if you are outside, and heed the tanning bed warnings!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Looking for a Job? Write a Cover Letter with a Resume

The perfect resume is often posted online, but serious job hunters still have to network, make contacts, and send resumes through the mail or deliver them. With the mail or delivery, a cover letter is expected, and the rules have changed in recent years. It is no longer correct to send a letter of two lines announcing the resume is attached.  More is expected, and a good cover letter may get an interview, and hopefully, a job.

The cover letter of today is tailored to the company and the position, so the letter cannot be the same for every application.We have an article about writing a quality cover letter so you can soar with eagles or work with turkeys.  It's all about options, and a job offer is an option--a fork in the road--a chance to do better for yourself. Success may not be learned, but being successful is based on learning.

Keep up with the new trends and prepare a cover letter for your resume that is modern and thoughtful, combining qualifications with the position available. You will be a step closer to getting the job!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Are you Concerned about Privacy Online?

 You Can't Hide from the Internet

Most of us have a few concerns about privacy, but those of us who spend hours online and belong to many sites can expect to find information about ourselves in all kinds of places.

If you have not checked, make it a point to put your name in quotes and search a couple of the major search engines to see how much information you find about yourself.  Some of it will not likely be correct, and that is probably good.  The correct information should be of more concern to you.

If you feel that your privacy is being invaded by some websites, copy the URL for the page that has your personal information, and go to the PRIVACY link on the site.  Request that they remove your private information, and they probably will do so if you provide the URL and give them an email address to confirm that you want the information removed.  Sites like are used to removing the information, and have it set up as automated.

We are always concerned for others about identity theft issues and family safety on the internet. We have written these articles to share tips for consumers to prevent an invasion of privacy, and encourage you to always be alert and aware of the pitfalls of an online presence.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Find Activities for Senior Citizens

Consumers are families, not just individuals, and most families have senior citizens.  Seniors need stimulation and activities to keep their minds sharp and productive, and many families search for activities that Grammy or Papa will like.

Activities are available for senior citizens, but sometimes they have to be sought.  They are not openly visible without some searching, since these activities are local of necessity.  Here are some ideas for locating activities for seniors:

Consider the personality of the senior, and whether they prefer loner activities or group activities.  Attempt to match the senior activity with your senior citizen's personality. If the senior citizen is a loner, there may be activities online that are of interest.

Look online.  Do a local search for activities in the area that are specifically for seniors.

Check the Council for Aging or similar group in the area to see what activities they know about. Get recommendations to be sure the activities are SAFE.

Watch the local newspaper for activities for seniors that sound like something of interest to your senior citizen.

We have written an article about finding activities for senior citizens that may give you some more ideas.

Make sure senior citizens in your family find activities to keep their minds sharp, whether they be puzzles and word games, card games, or group activities with other seniors. They may also be physically active, and there are activities for seniors that provide exercise, dance, or charity walks.  Keep alert to keep your seniors alert.

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Puzzle books designed for senior citizens help slow down symptoms of dementia.(Oregon Life): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)