Thursday, June 21, 2012

Corning Develops Willow Glass

New Willow Glass from Corning is Bendable, Ultra-Thin and Flexible 

When Corning sold Steuben, I thought the best of Corning was behind us. New developments have proved me wrong. Corning is on the cutting edge of research and technology for you, the consumer.
Corning developed Gorilla glass a few years ago, and it is used for thousands of consumer products, including some Samsung smartphones and Apple iPhones. Corning has a new kind of glass in the works that will affect the consumer products we buy.

The new glass from Corning is called Willow glass, according to "Barron's" June 11, 2012 issue and the Corning website. This new glass is thin and bendable and can be wrapped around products. Corning calls it ultra-slim and flexible. Your smartphone or tablet may be thinner in just a couple of years, thanks to Willow glass.

Willow glass is made with a fusion process with a thinness as slight as100 microns or about like a sheet of copy paper. It can seal electrical components and still provide good optical quality. You can read about it here. 

Corning News Release on Willow Glass 

Watch for new uses for this bendable glass as technology picks up on the possibilities!
See you soon!